Elementary School

about Us

Clark is one of the “biggest” small schools around. The students, staff, and parents view Clark Elementary as the heart of our tight-knit community. Our small, rural school exceeds expectations every day. 

We are a one-room, one-teacher program. Working in tandem with administrators, our teacher works hard to provide her students with a full continuum of skills, curriculum, and experiences, preparing them for bright and successful futures. Stop by for a visit and learn how we meet today’s challenges with enthusiasm and community spirit.

Improvement Goals

In accordance with our vision statement and district’s goals, the current Clark Elementary School improvement goals are:

  1. All students will read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade.
  2. All students will meet grade level standards in math by the end of 5th grade.
  3. Students will improve in writing across the curriculum.

The Wyoming Department of Education mandates that each school in the state have an ongoing school improvement plan (check back soon for online version) with identified interventions. Every school must implement a systematic, measurable plan involving staff, parents, and community.

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